Tony White | Pro Team

2015 Schedule and Results

Feb 14: Hot Chocolate 15k - 1st
Mar 5: Tom King 5k - 8th
Mar 21: Mid Tenn Shootout 5k - 6th
Apr 11: Purity Moosic City 10k - 1st
May 9: Gulf Coast Triathlon Half Iron - 1st
May 17: Challenge Knoxville Half - 5th
July 12: Rodney T. Miller Decatur Lakeside Triathlon - 2nd
July 26: Music City Triathlon Olympic - 1st
Aug 1: Frankenmuth Triathlon - 8th pro
Aug 23: Bowling Green Sprint Tri - 1st
Sep 12: Heroes in Recovery 6k - 4th

Tony's Story

I have always been a pretty motivated person. When I couldn’t run for UK anymore, I immediately signed up for some running races only to not be able to run them because of an injury. Running was my everything at the time and the injury made me realize that there are many things that are much more important. School, family, and most importantly, my relationship with God had all taken a back seat to running. I had stopped going to church and had put distance between God and myself during that first semester of college. When I got injured I found a church that really changed my relationship with Jesus Christ. It was there that I learned that you could worship God and have fun. I started going to Southland Christian Church and the pastor, Jon Weece, really made me get excited about church. I grew much closer to God while I lived in Lexington and have always tried my best to represent him in everything that I do.

During the 2011 triathlon season, I got injured again. To date, it was my best season of racing as a professional triathlete and was hoping to end it on a high note. Unfortunately, I felt that I was invincible and trained harder when I should have rested. I ended up with a severe case of Plantar fasciitis and was barely able to walk. It was then I realized that I had put triathlon before everything else in my life once again. This injury was a blessing in disguise. Once again, I grew closer to God, got engaged to the love of my life (then married 9 months later), and moved to Nashville. It is during these down times that my perspective has changed about racing in general. I felt like I was only as good as my last race. And when I had a bad race, I would get down on myself. But my wife, Casey, made me realize that no matter the outcome, everyone still saw me as the same person.

God is very much the same way. He loves us no matter what. He wants that absolute best for us. No matter how much I try and sabotage our relationship, he is willing to forgive and forget. Every person deserves death for their sins, but through God’s grace, he has allowed us to be forgiven for our sins. He has blessed me with a wonderful family and wife that support me in good times and bad. There is nothing that I could ever do to repay him, but that is not what he wants. All he wants is my love and to help others know the love of Christ.

Athletic Background

I grew up in a small town playing the usual team sports; baseball, football, and basketball. It wasn’t until my junior year that I had a few friends talk me into joining the cross country team. My freshman year of college, I walked onto the University of Kentucky’s xc team but injuries forced me to go another direction. I picked up swimming and cycling to stay in shape and jumped in a local triathlon for fun. I was immediately hooked. Ever since then, I have been a triathlete. After a few years of racing, I noticed I had an opportunity to race as a professional after finishing 2nd overall in the amateur race at the 70.3 World championships in 2008. I turned pro in 2009 and have been racing professionally ever since.


When I’m not racing, I spend my down time while working part time, hanging out with my wife, and coaching. I grew up in Corbin, KY and moved to Lexington to attend the University of Kentucky. I am a huge Wildcat fan so I love basketball season and dread football season. But no matter the sport, I am always cheering for the Cats. Fantasy football, drinking coffee, and eating are a few of my other hobbies that I really enjoy. I recently moved to Nashville, TN so I do try to catch the occasional live performance of some of my favorite musicians. But nothing beats a good run in the park or riding on the Natchez Trace (except eating at Loveless Cafe).

2014 Results

Apr 7: Alpha Delta Pi-athlon - 1st
Apr 13: Ironman 70.3 New Orleans - 15th
May 18: Rev3 Knoxville - 14th
June 8: Ironman 70.3 Kansas - DNF
July 12: Ironman 70.3 Muncie - 14th
July 27: Music City Triathlon Olympic - 1st
Aug 10: Ironman 70.3 Steelhead - 13th
Oct 18: Medical Center 10k - 14th

2013 Results

Old Hickory Lake Triathlon – 1st
Music City Triathlon – 2nd
Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon – 2nd
Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon – 2nd

2012 Results

Did not race due to injury

2011 Results

Ironman 70.3 San Juan - 6th
Rev3 Knoxville Olympic - 8th
Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 9th
Ironman 70.3 Muncie - 11th
Tri for Sight Triathlon – 1st
RJ Corman Duathlon – 1st

2010 Results

Memphis in May Triathlon - 5th
Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 8th
Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon - 3rd
Ironman 70.3 Steelhead - 4th
Tri for Sight Triathlon – 1st
RJ Corman Duathlon – 1st

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