Sam Kennedy | Pro Team

2015 Schedule and Results

May 31: Hawk Island Triathlon - 1st
June 6: Dallas CAMTRI American Sprint Cup - 18th Professional 
June 14: Grand Rapids Olympic Triathlon - 1st 
June 28: Tri Rock Philadelphia - 12th Professional
July 25: Magog CAMTRI American Cup - 20th Professional 
August 1: The Experience at Frankenmuth - 4th Professional
August 8: USAT Milwaukee Super Sprint Showcase - 15th Professional
August 15: Detroit Elite Development Draft Legal Race - 2nd
September 6: Boyne City Triathlon - 1st Professional
September 12: Reeds Lake Triathlon - 1st
September 13: Come Clean Duathlon - 1st

Sam's Story

The end of my soccer career was not easy to handle. My identity had been wrapped up in soccer and it was hard to lose something that had been part of my life for years. Luckily I had another sport available that I could transition into with triathlon. Over the next few years, triathlon gave me more than I ever could have imagined. I met my husband carpooling to a race in Illinois. I strengthened my relationship with my father and helped him transition from soccer, which had caused him numerous injuries including a broken ankle.

Sometimes the difficult races are truly an opportunity to grow. Collegiate Nationals in 2012 was a very tough year for me and I did not perform well. I was very upset and began frantically contacting friends of mine who knew a coach I had spoken with the previous fall. When I finally got Barb’s number, I left her a voice, texted her and emailed her, pleading with her to pick me up as an athlete. She agreed, but she didn’t just coach me. She showed me how to integrate faith into triathlon. I had been struggling with faith since my grandmother’s death in 2005, but through working with Barb and talking to my friends, I found faith again. A friend of mine, Abby Geurink, introduced me to Tri4Him. Triathlon has given me so much and, when Abby told me about Tri4Him, I found a way to further my relationship with God and to give back to others and thus better serve Him.

Athletic Background

I have been through a lot of sports in my life! My parents were very big into water skiing, so they plopped my down on some water skies and threw me out behind the boat when I was 4 years old. I got away from water skiing in 4th grade when I started playing soccer. I stuck with soccer and continued playing and reaching for more competitive levels throughout high school. I played varsity soccer in college and also a season of semi-professional soccer before the number of concussions I had gotten playing soccer became too overwhelming.

During my last couple of years of soccer, I began to ride my dad’s 1980’s chrome molly road bike. I absolutely loved riding and it was a chance to get away from the soccer field. After my last season of college soccer, convinced my dad to race a local sprint triathlon with me. I was absolutely miserable during the race with my ears poking out of my cap, feeling like I was going to drown, getting blown all over the road and the leaden feeling in my legs adding to my misery. But when I crossed the finish line I was in love. I joined the Michigan State University Triathlon team and continued to race during medical school. During the fourth year of medical school I decided to get more serious about triathlon and, thanks to some great team work with my coach, I earned my elite license the following season during my first year of residency.


My other passion in life is healthcare. I am currently a psychiatry resident working in Lansing, Michigan. I am also extremely lucky to have met and married a man who loves triathlon as much as I do!

2014 Results

June 8: Grand Rapids Triathlon - 2nd
July 13: Caseville Triathlon - 1st 
July 27: Mackinaw Multisport Mix Triathlon - 1st 
August 2: The Experience at Frankenmuth Triathlon - 4th
August 9: Milwaukee Super Sprint Showcase - 4th 
August 24: Chicago Life Time Fitness Triathlon - 9th
August 31: Boyne City Triathlon - 1st
September 6: Reed’s Lake Triathlon - 2nd
September 14: Come Clean Duathlon - 1st

2013 Results

USAT Collegiate Nationals - 10th Overall
Grand Rapids Triathlon - 1st Overall
USAT Mideast Regional Championship - 1st Overall
Frankenmuth Triathlon - 2nd Overall
USAT Age-Group National Championship - 19th Overall, 8th 25-29 Age Group
Life Time Chicago Triathlon - 1st Overall – earned elite license
Boyne City Triathlon - 1st Overall

2012 Results

USAT Collegiate Nationals - 33rd Overall, 11th Graduate Division
Beatles on the Bay Triathlon Olympic - 1st Overall
USAT Age-Group National Championship Olympic - 17th Overall, 6th 25-29
Muncie Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference Championship - 1st Overall
Reed’s Lake Triathlon - 2nd Overall, 1st Amateur Overall

2011 Results

Collegiate National Championship - 10th Overall, 3rd Graduate Division
Grand Rapids Triathlon - 1st Overall
Mackinaw Multi-Sport Mix - 1st Overall
Sylvania Mideast Regional Championship - 1st Overall

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