Nick Waninger | Pro Team

2015 Schedule and Results

Aug 18: Patoka Lake Sprint for the Hills - 1st (Course Record!) 
Sept 9: Trifest for MS - 3rd
Oct 4: Border Wars Half Iron - 2nd 

Nick's Story

I am more than just a professional triathlete. I'm a Christian. I'm a husband. I'm a father. And I'm a multi-dimensional person whose definition is not limited to a single facet. I, like many others, am chasing a dream while God has presented me with the opportunity to do so. I have an AWESOME wife, daughter, family, and group of friends whose support allows me to engage in this triathlon endeavor.

God blesses everyone with certain aptitudes. It just so happens that one of mine is the ability to punish myself enough to race fast. After 12 years' of running and my focus shifting to triathlon, God blessed me with the opportunity to win several races as an age-grouper and earn a place in the professional ranks.

I started racing professionally in 2009. In the middle of my 2010 season, I came to the realization that God didn’t just bless me with the ability to hurt but with the opportunity to use my gifts for a cause greater than myself. With a new, God-given perspective on racing now prominently on my mind, I came across Tri4Him and immediately inquired about how I might become involved to help further His cause through sport. I was excited to be a part of launching the Tri4Him Elite Team with the goal of “completing the race” not just for ourselves, but for Him.

The most significant thing I can say about me is that I alone am nothing. All I am composed of is the result of an amazing God, parents who poured their life into me, and an amazingly sacrificial wife who travels all over the place supporting me. There is much more to life than being a professional triathlete, and my most prominent goal is to keep my priorities in line...God, wife, family, triathlon. While triathlon is certainly a significant and time-consuming part of my life, it is not the most important.

Two of my favorite quotes are...

"Things could always be worse."

"The harder you work, the luckier you get."

Athletic Background

My athletic background is one of wrestling and running. As a 7th grader running for wrestling practice, I was approached by the cross country coach who saw me and asked if I’d be interested in trying out cross country and track the following year. From that point on, I have been a runner turned triathlete.

I had high school PRs of 9:23 for the two-mile, 4:27 for the mile, and 15:40 for the 5k. In college, I pursued a degree in civil engineering at the University of Evansville and ran cross country. (There was no track team.) I had PRs of 4:01 for the 1500M, 8:32 for the 3000M, 14:45 for the 5000M, 24:28 for the 8000M, and 30:51 for the 10000M.

After graduating from UE, I went to Southern Illinois University Carbondale to obtain my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on structures. While there, I ran track and trained with the cross country team. I had PRs of 3:59 for the 1500M (about a 4:14 mile), 8:20 for the 3000M, 14:20 for the 5000M, 24:03 for the 8000M, and 30:00 for the 10000M on the cross country course.


After God, my family is the next most important thing to me. In 2009, I married my awesome wife, Nicole and in 2011 we had our first child, Kylee. I have two brothers and two sisters. (All of which are younger than me.) My two brothers are in the army—one at IU and one stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He will most likely be going pro in XTERRA next year.

2014 Results

Mar 16: St. Patty's Day Tri - 1st
Apr 13: Caveman Sprint Tri - 1st
May 4: TexasMan X-50 Tri - 1st (Course Record!)
May 18: Tiki Sprint Tri - 1st (Course Record!)
May 26: Life Time Tri Cap Tex - 9th
June 22: Disco X-50 Tri - 1st (Course Record!)
Sept 1: Blackland Sprint Tri - 2nd
Sept 5: Trifest for MS - 1st
Oct 5: Border Wars Half Iron - 1st (Course Record!)
Oct 19: Keller Monster Sprint Tri - 1st (Course Record!)

2013 Results

May 4: Jasper Duathlon, Jasper, IN - 1st (fastest splits in swim, bike & run)
June 8: Lincoln's Christmas in June Tri, Lincoln City, IN - 1st (course record; fastest bike & run splits) 
Aug 18: YMCA Olympic Tri, Boonville, IN - 1st (course record; fastest swim, bike & run splits)
Sep 1: Trifest for MS, Bentonville, AR - 1st (course record in 1:52:03, F1 format--S,B,R,S,B,R)
Sep 21: local 5k road race, Dale, IN - 1st in 16:29 pushing 1yo daughter in stroller!
Sep 27: local 5k road race, Oakland City, IN - 1st in 16:22 pushing 1yo daughter in stroller!

2012 Results

Mar 18: Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore - 5th
May 5: Avia Wildflower Triathlon Long Course (70.3) - 17th
May 13: Jasper Duathlon - 1st (course record)
May 19: Terre Haute Triathlon - 1st
June 10: Southern Indiana Tri (Oly) - 1st
June 16: Heimtfest 5k - 1st OA (course record)
July 8: Amica Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island - 8th
July 28: YMCA Tall City Triathlon - 1st OA (course record), fastest bike & run
July 29: Odessa Family Y Tumbleweed Tri - 1st OA (course record), fastest in all 3 disciplines
Aug 4: Cody's Memorial Mile 5k - 1st OA (course record)
Aug 19: Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead - 5th
Sep 2: TriFest for MS - 1st
Sep 9: Ironman Wisconsin - 9th
Sep 30: Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 2nd
Oct 7: RJ Corman Duathlon - 2nd
Nov 3: Ironman Florida - DNF
Nov 18: Ironman Arizona - DNS

2011 Results

Mar 19: Ironman 70.3 San Juan - 17th
Apr 17: Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans - 20th pro
May 21: Terre Haute Triathlon - 1st
Jun 5: Ironman 70.3 Mooseman - 6th
Jul 9: Ironman 70.3 Muncie - 12th
Jul 17: Ironman 70.3 Racine - 13th
Aug 14: Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead - 10th
Sep 25: E Si Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 6th (top American)
Nov 20: Ford Ironman Arizona - 15th

2010 Results

Jun 12: Muncie Duathlon – 1st
Jun 27: Tri Greenville – 1st
Jul 11: Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon – 5th
Jul 17: Evergreen Lake International Triathlon – 6th
Jul 31: Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead – 10th of 19 pros
Aug 15: Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens – 16th of 25 pros
Aug 22: Cannonman Triathlon (half) – 1st (course record)
Sep 11: Trail of Tears Triathlon – 2nd
Sep 26: Ironman 70.3 Augusta – 6th of 22 pros
Oct 2: Powerman Muncie Duathlon – 7th pro (injury)
Oct 30: Ironman 70.3 Miami – 19th of 29 pros (injury)
Nov 13: Foster Grant Ironman World Championships 70.3 – 29th of 40 pros (illness)

2009 Results

May 17: Memphis in May – 11th
May 30: Terre Haute Triathlon – 3rd
Jun 14: Ironman 70.3 Kansas – 14th pro
Jun 28: Philidelphia Tri – 14th pro
Aug 1: Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead – 6th pro
Aug 9: Spirit of Morgantown Half – 1st pro
Aug 30: Chicago Tri – 20th pro
Sep 13: Trail of Tears Triathlon – 1st
Sep 27: Ironman 70.3 Augusta – 9th of 21 pros
Oct 30: Longhorn Ironman 70.3 Austin – 24th pro

2008 Highlights

- Placed 1st overall in multiple sprint and olympic races – At Ironman 70.3 Worlds, placed 33rd overall; 7th amateur; 2nd American

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