Missy Kuck | Pro Team

2014 Results

Apr 6: ORRRC Xenia Half Marathon - 22nd
Apr 9: Blue Streak 10 Mile Time Trial - 1st
Apr 12: Miami University Sprint - 1st
May 16: Ohio American Triple - T - 1st Female Team
June 1: Deer Creek Sprint Tri - 1st Relay Team
July 9:
Blue Streak 10 Mile Bike TT - 1st
July 12: Ironman 70.3 Muncie - 7th
July 27:
Challenge New Albany - 10th 

Missy's Story

My faith in Jesus is my foundation. I was taught His name at a young age and remember praying for silly things or for forgiveness after I had done something bad. As I got older, I went to church but never internalized the messages because I was too busy drawing pictures, playing games with the hymn books, skipping Sunday school, or sleeping. During the week, I was a straight-A student, athlete, and "good kid" on the outside. The things I did wrong I learned to hide. If these things weren't found out, did they exist? As far as I was concerned, if I didn't face the consequences of my poor decisions I was good to go. But later my decisions became conflicting. I enjoyed the occasional "wild side" but those instances left me in a worse place than where I began. So I began to turn away from these things and put myself around people who understood this too.

My brother played guitar for Campus Crusade at Ohio State and I started attending just to listen to him play, but ended each week listening to the messages they shared. Finally I listened. I met friends (especially affiliated with Athletes in Action) who talked with me and opened my eyes to understand what it meant to be a Christian. I had never known how to explain what I believed, or read much of the Bible for that matter. In 1998 I understood that if I was going to call myself a Christian, it had to be all or nothing, bought a Bible, and began learning. 

I'm still learning :) God reveals Himself in ways I never would've imagined - as long as I am paying attention. It is a constant battle I find myself in - remembering God's plan and purpose above my own. I still find myself reverting to old habits I should've learned from in the pastBut that is the process. We understand that we are separated from God because of our sins without Jesus. When we accept this fact, ask for forgiveness, and accept the gift of saving grace... we begin to see our lives in a whole new light and everything is put through a new filter. There are things easily changed and some not so easy. But that is why I am so excited to be blessed with the "cloud of witnesses" who share in this struggle, but encourage me to persevere. 

Athletics is merely a portion of my life, but has been such a blessing because of the opportunities and lessons I've received from the experiences. I hope to encourage people in their faith, and if athletics is a way to begin relating to someone, even better! 

Hebrews 12:1-3 

Philippians 3:13-14

Athletic Background

I have always been athletic. In fact, I think my mom put my sister, brother and I in summer league swimming because we had too much energy. I quickly improved, with a specialty in Breaststroke and Individual Medley but didn't begin year-round swimming until 8th grade. This was quite late in comparison to many, but in hindsight it worked out great! I didn't experience a plateau or get burned out like so many of my peers throughout high school.

I earned a scholarship at The Ohio State University (1994-1998), with career highlights including team records in the 200m Breast, and 200/400 Medley Relays, Academic All Big Ten, and team captain. My brother also swam at OSU and we chose to race our 1st sprint triathlon on a whim in 1994. I ran my first marathon in 1998 and vowed never to run again - hahaI raced 1 triathlon a season until I was finished with college requirements/internships and began focusing more intently on triathlon in 2005. I was quite successful racing in the age group division for many years and sought my professional status in 2011.


When people ask me "What do you do?", I'm torn as to how to respond. Do I tell them about my "normal 9-5 profession" as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Dayton Children's? I've worked there for 13 years, helping children reach developmental milestones, encouraging them in handwriting, assisting families with special needs children, and rehabilitating a child after an accident. This is my day-to-day "normal" profession challenging me mentally.

OR...do I tell them I am a professional triathlete who spends 20 hours a week (which is limited because of my 9-5 job) training 3 disciplines to push myself physically in 8-10 grueling athletic events a year? Most people cannot relate to the latter but LOVE the stories I have to share. I've enjoyed coaching people over the years and hope to get back to these roots in the future in some capacity.

2013 Results

Feb 24-Mar 10: Marine's Corps Trials, Wounded Warriors, San Diego, CA, swim coach 
Apr 20: Miami Univ. Sprint Triathlon, Miami, Ohio - 1st female, 6th OA 
May 3-17: Wounded Warrior Games, Colorado Springs, CO, swim coach
May 19: Ironman 70.3 Florida, 8th
June 2: Deer Creek Sprint Tri - 1st (relay division with 10 yr old runner!)
June 9: Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 7th (with a flat tire; 2nd fastest swim split)
July 21:
Ironman 70.3 Racine - 16th
Sep 7:
Festival of Races Half IM, Tawas, MI - 2nd (fastest swim split; flat at mile 30)
Oct 27: Marine Corps Marathon, Washington D.C. - 18th in division (PR time of 3:22 and 127th out of 9897 females)  

2012 Results

- Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 5th 
- Ironman 70.3 Muncie - 6th, fastest bike (distance altered due to weather conditions)
- Ironman 70.3 Racine - 7th
- Ironman 70.3 Galveston, US Championship Race - 12th
- Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Las Vegas - 25th 
- Ironman Florida - 14th

2011 Results

- Ironman 70.3 Muskoka - 3rd 
- Rev3 Knoxville - 8th 
- Memphis in May, 5150 Series - 9th 
- Missed qualifying for the Hy-Vee 5150 Championship Race by 1 spot

2010 Results

- Rev3 Overall Age Group Series Champion

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