Jared Milam | Pro Team

2015 Schedule and Results

May 31: Colorado Sprint Triathlon - 2nd
June 6: Taste of Louisville 12k - 1st
June 13: Life Time Boulder Sprint Triathlon - 1st
June 14: Fort Collins Club Sprint Triathlon - 1st
June 27 Tremont Sprint Triathlon - 1st
July 12: Life Time Boulder Peak Triathlon Olympic - 2nd
July 26: TriBoulder Olympic - 1st
Sep 12: WildLife Loop Triathlon Half Iron - 1st (Course Record!)
Oct 4: Border Wars Triathlon Half Iron - 1st

Jared's Story

Being a competitive triathlete, my main motivation is to achieve one simple goal: to win. However, when it comes to my faith, I know that to win means I must first lose. From what I've learned, following Christ means you must first lose yourself. We must get rid of all the worldly things we identify ourselves by and give Jesus control over our lives. This is something I struggled with for many years during my athletic career.

It took me a while to realize that no accomplishment in athletics or anything else would truly make me a "winner." Only by losing my faith in my accomplishments can I gain true faith in God. This is something I try to live by every day. I thank God for giving me this amazing ability to do what I love, but at the same time I want to glorify Him simply for being who He is and for what He did on the cross. As far as my future in triathlons goes, I only hope to keep getting faster and to continue striving to "win."

Athletic Background

Jared started in sports as an ice-hockey player at the age of five. His family was big into ice hockey at the time since his cousin, uncle, and dad had played for years. He played ice hockey all the way up to high school when he decided to quit at the age of 15. This was mostly because he had discovered running at the age of 13 while in Junior High School. After being cut from the track team tryouts in 7th grade, he started running on his own and never looked back. He ran all through junior high and high school and swam his junior and senior year of high school. His swim coach got him started in triathlons when he was 18, and he's been in love with the sport ever since.


Jared is the oldest son of Deene and Nancy Milam with a younger brother, Jeremy. He also has two half-sisters, Jill and Jenny. He is currently an employee of Boulder Running Company in Denver, Colorado and a coach for the TriDot Training System.

2014 Results

Mar 29: Ironman 70.3 Oceanside - 17th
May 3: Ironman 70.3 St. George - 38th
May 16: Ohio American Triple - T - 1st Male Team
June 8: Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 10th
Aug 3: Ironman Boulder - 6th
Sep 7: Ironman Wisconsin - 7th
Sep 21: Longmont Oktoberfest Sprint Triathlon - 5th 
Nov 16: Ironman Arizona - 18th

2013 Results

May 17-19: Ohio American Triple-T - 1st team division despite flat tire
June 1: Tri-Shark Classic Duathlon, Hudson, IL - 1st
June 15: Steamboat Classic 15k, Peoria, IL - 7th
July 14: Boulder Peak Triathlon 5150, Boulder, CO - 18th
July 28: Ironman Lake Placid - 12th
Aug 31: Boulder Sunset Triathlon (Oly), Boulder, CO - 2nd
Sep 8: Ironman Wisconsin - 10th
Sep 22: Rev3 Branson - 11th
Oct 27: Ironman 70.3 Austin - 10th 
Nov 17: Ironman Arizona - 17th

2012 Results

Apr 22: Sullivan Civic Center Triathlon - 2nd
May 18-20: American Triple-T Ohio - 1st (course record)
Jun 2: Tri-Shark Classic - 1st
Jun 3: Leon's Triathlon - 2nd
Jun 10: Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 12th
Jun 23: Tremont Triathlon - 1st
Jul 14: Evergreen Lake International Triathlon - 1st
Jul 22: Ironman Lake Placid - DNF
Aug 4: Lakeland Bi-Tri Classic - 1st
Aug 12: Wisconsin Rev3 Half - 10th
Sep 9: Ironman Wisconsin - 14th

2011 Results

May 20-22: American Triple-T Ohio - 3rd
Jun 12: Ironman 70.3 Kansas - 18th
Jul 9: Ironman 70.3 Muncie - 18th
Jul 16: Evergreen Lake Triathlon - 7th
Aug 7: Ironman 70.3 Boulder - 12th
Aug 14: Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead - 24th
Sep 11: Ford Ironman Wisconsin - 8th
Sep 25: Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 11th
Nov 20: Ford Ironman Arizona - 24th

2010 Results

Jul 17: Evergreen Lake International Triathlon – 7th
Jul 25: Iron Abe International Triathlon – 1st
Sep 26: Ironman 70.3 Augusta – 15th
Nov 13: Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3 – 30th

2009 Highlights

5th amateur at Foster Grant 70.3 Ironman World Championships with a time of 3:57 earning pro card; 4th place amateur at the Whirlpool 70.3 Ironman with a time of 4:20; ran a career best 26:07 for the 8k at the NCAA Notre Dame College cross country invitational

2008 Highlights

Ran a career best 15:34 for the 5k during the indoor track season at SIUC; 16th at the Evergreen Lake Olympic Triathlon with a time of 2:08:20

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