Hopefully, your exposure to Tri4Him so far has communicated that we're 100% behind any member or group using Tri4Him to honor God, glorify Jesus Christ, and love others however the Spirit leads them (registered group or not). Registering a local group is a voluntary option for members that allows Tri4Him to channel more resources and support to those groups who are actively engaged in the Tri4Him mission.

Tri4Him Provides

We're committed to supporting local groups. That starts with directing membership fees directly to local groups and continues through absorbing overhead expenses and providing infrastructure and support.

  • Group listing on website
  • Localized follow up with prospective members
  • Editable team page
  • Broadcast email functionality from team page
  • Facebook page for sharing photos and comments
  • Group updates included in Tri4Him Newsletter
  • Inventory of Tri4Him uniforms
  • National and local sponsorships
  • Exposure and group awareness 
  • Club insurance

Local Groups Provide

With Tri4Him covering the overhead and admin, local group leaders are able to focus solely on serving their group and the groups on serving their community.  These activities include the following:

  • Leadership and coordination - determining annual race/activity schedule, volunteer efforts, group training 
  • Communication - staying in touch with your group and updating group info on webpages and Facebook
  • Ministry and encouragement
  • Prayer
  • Member support and mutual accountability

Registration Process

If you are a Tri4Him member and interested learning more about registering a local group, login and click on the All Local Groups tab.

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