Many triathletes do the bulk of their training alone due to their location, work schedule, and personal preference.  About 40% of our members are actively involved in local groups.  This adds several new dimensions to the triathlon experience, and Tri4Him is committed to supporting members who wish to organize as local groups.

How will you use Tri4Him to honor God, glorify Jesus Christ, and love others this season?  We hope that engaging in one of Tri4Him's local groups can be a part of that answer.

Registered Local Groups

While there are countless informal Tri4Him groups scattered around the US and Canada, "Registered" Local Groups are those groups whose leaders have engaged with Tri4Him to serve and connect with their community for Christ through the environment that Tri4Him offers. Tri4Him offers some great benefits to those groups of members who are called to minister to others through the local groups.

Connecting with Local Groups

Tri4Him members and registered guests can visit any local group pages by clicking here. Each group page contains details about the group and its activities.

By clicking on the "join group" or "make primary" links on the group page, you'll receive any eblasts sent to the group by the local group leaders. You'll also find a link to the groups Facebook page for sharing comments, photos, and other group stuff.


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