Below is a listing of Tri4Him sponsors. Many of our sponsors provide special discounts and benefits to Tri4Him Club Members.  Members can log in to see sponsor benefits and discounts.

We're adding new sponsors each year. If you're interested in sponsoring Tri4Him or are a local group leader and want to set up a local sponsorship, please contact us at

Producing Sponsor

TriDot System

Training System Sponsor

The TriDot System (patents pending) is a proprietary system that takes the guesswork out of triathlon training and racing. This approach produces results that others can't, because it does what they don't. The TriDot System's Intelligent Design Process (IDP) is a data-driven process that produces optimized training programs built for each athlete that deliver maximum results per training hour invested.

Presenting Sponsors

Generation UCAN logo

Generation UCAN

Nutritional Sponsor

Generation UCAN is healthy sports nutrition that's changing the way triathletes fuel.  UCAN's drink mix is powered by a slow-burning, complex carbohydrate called SuperStarch (derived from non-GMO corn starch) that delivers 2-4 hours of steady energy by stabilizing blood sugar.

XTERRA Wetsuits


Originally based in San Diego, California, XTERRA WETSUITS became the top selling triathlon wetsuit in the U.S. and Canada in 2009.  Since its founding in 2001, the design team has perfected all aspects of the triathlon wetsuit using the best materials available for maximum buoyancy, flexibility and performance.


Rudy Project

Helmet and Eyewear Sponsor

Rudy Project offers the guaranteed lowest prices, 90-day money-back returns privileges, and free shipping both ways on a broad line of helmets, eyewear, and other race gear.



Saddle Sponsor
ISM has created state-of-the-art bike saddles that have seen success with Ironman wins, Olympic medals, Road Racing and countless age group victories. Pros and amateurs alike are finding riding and competing comfortable again.



Natural Energy Sponsor

EBOOST is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and super-nutrients that works from within to give you a natural lift. It’s packed with ingredients like Vitamins C, D, B6, B12, as well as 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Green Tea, and Green Coffee. EBOOST’s natural energy is designed to boost your workout, and your life.


Generation UCAN logo


Immune Recovery Sponsor

How you feel during a long race, how you recover, and your "Adaptive Performance" are all governed by your immune system. Give it the help it needs with 100% natural Vector450 with Muno-IGY. These protein antibodies supplement our own, but offer additional benefits or promoting an "Inflammatory Balance" by helping the gut rid itself of unwanted pathogens, toxins and invaders. Each batch is tested by NSF for banned substances and meets WADA standards for Sports.

Used by pro's, whole tri teams, Olympians, and grandma! Give your body the tool it needs for recovery endurance, seasonal issues.  Give it the POWER to PURSUE!

Supporting Sponsors



Race-Day Body Marking Sponsor

TriTats triathlon-specific body-marking system gives a nicer and more professional look to participating athletes, provides a new tool to race directors to increases event revenue, and simplifies the stress and mess of traditional body-marking.

Vector450 with Muno-IgY contains a single active ingredient, IgY, a protein antibody naturally found in common hen egg yolks. Muno-IgY is the only commercially extracted and highly purified IgY available to consumers .


Antibodies are the essential foundation your immune system responsible in keeping it functioning properly and optimally. Muno-IGY begins it process in your digestive system providing a defence against foreign pathogens and invaders and is well known to support the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance.


Each batch is tested by NSF for banned substances and meets WADA standards for Sports.IgY is well documented with more than 750 published studies on PubMed. Muno-IGY is being tested to support the body of evidence for the benefits to endurance athletes and the University of North Texas and McMaster University, plus continual performance and recovery evaluations by industry leaders.


Use Vector450 to  #Train Harder #Perform Better and #Recover Faster!

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