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Tri4Him is a purpose-driven organization with a strategy and structure designed to have an eternal impact on the world around us. As followers of Jesus Christ, we use our training and competition in triathlons as means to honor God, glorify Jesus, and love others.

Tri4Him is an international body of Christian triathletes united in sport and spirit. We're comprised of professional and amateur triathletes of all ages and ability levels. We include elite teams and local member-driven groups.

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Members join Tri4Him for many reasons. A couple that we hear the most are that members want to experience community and share the significance.

Experience Community: Whether you prefer to train solo or you thrive on working out with your training partners, there’s incredible value found in the Tri4Him Community. In addition to the camaraderie and learning found in group training, it’s exciting to see other competitors on the race course wearing the Tri4Him colors and hearing them shout words of encouragement to you and others.

Share the Significance: Who do you race for? There’s a reason that so many triathletes are drawn to compete for special causes and cures for leukemia, cancer, Parkinson’s, and others. They want to invest in things that make a difference, a real difference, in the lives of others. Supporting any of these causes is doing exactly what Christ calls us to do—love one another. Being a part of the Tri4Him community provides you an opportunity to use your triathlon experience to share the love of Jesus and His gift of eternal life with a dying world. We have a cure for sin and death, and it’s only found in Jesus. So join us, and together we’ll Tri4Him!

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